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              About Us

              About DJE

              首页 - About Us - About DJE

                Established in year 1999, Dongjiang Environmental Company Limited(the “Company” or “DJE”) has been a leading comprehensive environmental service provider in China. The Company was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange Growth Enterprise Market in year 2003 and was the first Mainland Chinese private sector environmental enterprise to be listed abroad. In year 2010 the Company moved successfully to the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange(Stock code 00895). In April 2012 DJE landed on the domestic capital market via accession to Small and Medium Enterprise Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange with initial offering of 25 million A shares(Stock code 002672).
                The business focus of DJE in resources recovery and innocuous treatment of industrial and municipal wastes is augmented by environmental engineering and service and other value added peripheral businesses.
                Ever since year 2003, the total asset, revenues and net profit of DJE have all been growing at rates above 30%. At present DJE has 22 majority owned subsidiaries and 12 waste management centers, treating over one million tons of wastes per annum. Meanwhile our wastes to resources processes are turning out one million tons of recycled products and 100 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy each year, contributing substantially to the circular and low carbon economy of China.
                Based upon our strengths and outstanding references, DJE has undertaken “National Major Demonstration Project in Resources Conservation and Environmental Protection” and received numerous national awards including “1st Batch of National Pilot Entity of Circular Economy”, ”National High-Tech & Innovative Technology Enterprise”, “Key Environmental Protection Enterprise of China”.
                l Industrial Waste Treatment Business With industrial waste treatment as core business, DJE established large scale waste treatment and resources recovery centers in the highly industrialized areas of Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. Comprising the largest copper containing waste treatment and recycling center in China, a Sino-American joint venture high end feed additive tri-basic copper chloride manufacturing facility with proprietary technologies, and the world class Guangdong Provincial Hazardous Waste Treatment Demonstration Center, these facilities laid the foundation of DJE as a national leader in industrial waste treatment.
                 l Municipal Waste Treatment Business Over the past several years DJE has adopted a “from hub to area” strategy and extended into municipal waste treatment business. We have commenced projects in landfill gas to power facilities with carbon credit program, municipal solid waste hauling and sanitary landfill, sewage sludge treatment, as well as construction waste reutilization. The 23 landfill gas-to-power generators we own and operate at 3 municipal waste landfills are turning 180,000 cubic meters of landfill gas everyday into over 300,000 kilowatt hour of clean electrical energy adequate to supply over 90,000 households and results in 2600 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction thus creating sound economic values as well as environmental benefits.
                 To forge an all-rounded solid waste management service platform, DJE is dedicated to integrating the value chain of its operations, and to building our brand in the industry. We have tailored environmental solutions for nearly 20 thousand clients, including renowned enterprises such as CNOOC-Shell, Emerson Electronics and Huawei Technologies.
                Technological innovation is the driving force of our future development. The Company has established its own independent research and development center, owns 46 technology patents as well as 19 technological achievements accredited at state, provincial and municipal levels. Dozens of proprietary technical knowhow are applied in our commercial production. To keep pace with global technical and conceptual advancements, DJE has formed strategic alliances with renowned institutions including Tsinghua University and Tianjin University, as well as leading industrial entities such as Heritage Technology of USA, Veolia of France .
                 As the prime emerging industry area advocated in China’s 12th Five Year Plan, the energy conservation and environmental protection industry will enter into a golden era of development. DJE will grasp the anticipated bloom and best utilize our advantages in technical innovation, momentum of scale and management excellence to achieve quantum leap in technologies, business scope and strategic vision, and to drive forward high speed growth thru synergizing of resources, acquisition of market shares and expansion of production capacities.


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